The album Heaven Is Open Today by the band In Carbon Dimonds Grow consists of 15 songs written by Kamilla Hygum Jakobsen and put into music by Lars Hartvig Lindeborgh and Hannibal Gustafsson.

The name of the band refers to a sentence in the song “I Am Made of Clay”, which covers many of the themes in the book. Inside all of us a beautiful diamond grows, if it is nurtured with love. The songs, poetry and illustrations try to embrace this credo covering themes like loneliness, sorrow, despair, death, loss, destruction, epiphany, empathy, understanding, solicitude, happiness, forgiveness, tenderness, unconditional love and devotion, but also the necessity of drawing boundaries and lines.

Despite the serious themes, the book and music have an easiness and happy energy playing and flirting voluptuously with a variety of genres and styles.

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Here is a video of the song I Am Made of Clay. The video is made by Cathrine Marchen Asmussen with illustrations by Carl Quist-Møller. LINK VIDEO

Heaven Is Open Today by the band In Carbon Diamonds Grow

Kamilla Hygum Jakobsen: Music, lyrics and vocals

Lars Hartvig Lindeborgh: Music arrangement, orchestration, producing, mix, saxophone, flute and clarinet

Hannibal Gustafsson: Music arrangement, producing, mix and guitars

Carl Quist-Møller: Drums

The song Hush: Kristoffer Sjelberg: Drums; Rune Olesen: percussion; Assi Roar: contrabass; Hugh Steinmetz: trumpet and flygelhorn


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