Illuminated Book

Heaven Is Open Today is an illuminated book with music by the band In Carbon Diamonds Grow.


Carl Quist-Møller – New Drawing Style

style with oThe book has illustrations by the Danish multi artist Carl Quist-Møller. In this book he has

developed a new drawing style, which he has not used before. He combines his cartoon style with single line and his always creative and magical imagination with a more

classic, beautiful, naturalistic hatching technique with felt pen.

Graphic Design – Reference to the Medieval Tradition

The graphic designer Morten Agergaard from KNACK, RHODES & LOVE has made a

design for the book where the poetry of the songs by Kamilla Hygum Jakobsen is

combined with drawings, ornamentation, and uncials. The design honours and has

reference to the beautiful tradition of the medieval and Renaissance illuminated books as

well as the works of William Blake.


Themes – In Carbon Diamonds Grow

The name of the band refers to a line in the song ‘I Am Made of Clay’. Inside all of us, a

beautiful diamond will grow, if nurtured by love. The songs, poetry and illustrations try to

embrace this credo covering themes like loneliness, sorrow, despair, death, loss,

destruction, epiphany, empathy, understanding, solicitude, happiness, forgiveness,

tenderness, unconditional love and devotion, but also the necessity of setting boundaries.


Buy the Book – Download the Music

You can buy the book with the CD in the bookshops and from this site, if you write to this

email address:

You can also download the music from Itunes and Spotify.

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Heaven Is Open Today

Contributors & Performers

Music & Lyrics: Kamilla Hygum Jakobsen

Musical Arrangements: Lars Hartvig Lindeborgh and Hannibal Gustafsson

Illustrations & drums: Carl Quist-Møller

Graphic Design: KNACK, RHODES & LOVE by/ Morten Agergaard