Daily Life Poetry | Forlaget Hverdagspoesi is a small publishing company which publishes music, poetry and drawings that are encouraging children and adults to surround themselves with the magic and beauty that is embedded in the everyday life. We have two online sites, the Danish site for children www.hverdagspoesi.dk and this site www.dailylifepoetry.com, the English version for adults.

In 2015 we have published the illuminated book Heaven Is Open Today with music by the band In Carbon Diamonds Grow. The design of the book where poetry is combined with drawings, ornamentation and uncials honors and has references to the beautiful tradition of the Medieval and Renaissance illuminated books and the works of William Blake.

Contributors and performers

Kamilla Hygum Jakobsen: Music, lyrics, vocals, booking and admin

Founder of Forlaget Hverdagpoesi | Daily Life Poetry in 2009. Composer of music and writer of lyrics to the albums Hverdagpoesi II-Troldestøv 2010 and Heaven Is Open Today 2015. Co-writer of the Dictionary of Literary Terms Gads Litteraturleksikon 1999 and 2005. Editor, publisher and originator on the productions Hverdagspoesi for børn 2009, Hverdagpoesi II-Troldestøv 2010 and Heaven Is Open Today 2015. Picture researcher and editor on the Culture Magazine Bragi. Writer of learning material and manuals for Berlitz Copenhagen. FOTO

Lars Hartvig Lindeborgh: Music arrangement, orchestration, producing, mix, saxophone, flute and clarinet

Composer of music and band leader for Loose Connection, producer and co-composer for the artist Annella, film music co-composer on the films Efter Bryllupet, Heart Medicine, Anja og Viktor 2 and Max Pinlig 1 & 3, musician on many live tours and album recordings (saxophone, clarinet and flute) arrangement of music and producer for many major bands and artists in Denmark and also for the Daily Life Poetry-productions with the bands Troldebierne 2010 and In Carbon Diamonds Grow. FOTO

Hannibal Gustafsson: Music arrangement, producing, mix and guitars

Composer of music, producer, arrangement of music and musician (guitars) in many constallations for instance the films Efter Brylluppet, Heart Medicin, Det store flip and Soul Cowboy 2014. Produced and arranged music for the band Astonishment and also for the daily life poetry productions Troldebierne and In Carbon Diamonds grow. Guitarist on many live tours and album recordings for major artist and bands in Denmrak.  FOTO


Drums and illustrations: Carl Quist-Møller

Illustrator and animator on Jungledyret Hugo and many other productions, actor and solo live performer and illustrator on many shows for instance Løgnhalsen DR, writer, illustrator, musician (drums and special effects) in the bands DJANZZ, Løgnhalsen og de medskyldige, DaBoing Band, Tangoorkestret and In Carbon Diamonds Grow. Illustrator on all the Daily Life Poetry productions Hverdagspoesi for børn 2009, Hverdagpoesi II-Troldestøv 2010, and Heaven Is Open Today 2015. www.carlquistmoller.dk FOTO

Webmaster of the site: Thomas Feder

Online media consultant specializing in online storytelling with WordPress and Google. Thomas has customers as Hugo Games, Dansk Tegnefilm, Bullitt Film, Steinerskolerne, and many others. www.wordpresswonderland.com FOTO

Graphic Design of the site and the illuminated book: Knack, Rhodes & Love/v Morten Agergaard